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    Did they sneak a picture of Q in there? This is dope.

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  4. music to enjoy on those date nights or just idle time with that special someone

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    Serious Question?

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  7. We can be heroes, just for one day.

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    Incubus - Drive

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    Two heads on Gold - Jean-Michel Basquiat

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    Jesse Boykins III in The Wall Street Journal :: #Love Apparatus “Bringing R&B Across The Divide :: READ HERE   [photo by Emmanuel Afolabi]

    'Love Apparatus,” the new album by Jesse Boykins III, is a modern take on traditional R&B. Singing songs of seduction and romance, Mr. Boykins's voice is buttery smooth, his delivery designed to entice. The tracks, created in tandem with Travis Stewart (who works as Machinedrum), are rooted largely in sweeping and swaying, pulsing and palpitating electronica. It's a testimony to how great R&B can cross eras with ease.  written by JIM FUSILLI


  14. She's just a cosmic girl.   
    From another galaxy.
    My heart's at zero gravity.
    She's from a cosmic world.  
    Putting me in ecstasy.
    Transmitting on my frequency. 
    She's cosmic!

  15. You already conquered my heart
    Let me conquer your art
    The passion’s for this pace
    Racing against my curiosity